Through talkaDoc’s Telehealth service, see a Doctor from anywhere; it’s only an appointment away!
talkaDoc is dedicated to reach out to people far and beyond and provide the best of healthcare solutions.


What it costs?

Doctor’s consultation fee + a small convenience fee for both Domestic and International Calls.

Telehealth for Doctors

Use the convenience of video calls and messaging to connect with patients from anywhere.

Domestic and International Payment Gateways

Use talkaDoc’s multi-user video interface to engage with Patients and their Caregivers

Secured data storage and Recording Capabilities

Telehealth for Patients

Consult through video calls, voice calls, emails and messaging

Save money, time and effort from commuting, missed appointments, doctor’s availability constraints

Consult with more than one person at the same time with talkaDoc’s multi-user video interface

Secured data storage from Telehealth consultations and patient records