Looking to change the face of Mental Illness patient care in India, talkaDoc was founded in 2016.

talkaDoc is a platform designed to engage & empower users by providing clinical & personal information, treatment planning and logging in the form of a cloud based web application.

The application is loaded with features aimed at improving the quality of life of those going through Mental Illness treatment, including medication & health journals, and symptom tracking to help provide a better understanding of the effectiveness of certain treatments.

After spending 9 months in research and understanding the state of these illnesses, we built a system that helps patients and their caregivers from recognition of symptoms to staying through their therapy.

A system that would not only support patients, but bring down the burden on caregivers who support them. Knowledge, ease of access to Psychiatrists and empowering this network with the right tools was our take on promoting better mental health and preventing mental illnesses to get worse than it should.

Team talkaDoc


Chaitanya Josyula
Founder & CEO


Anurekha Sivakumar
Founder & CPO


Principal Engineer


Sagar Malik
UX Engineer